Practical Info The Netherlands

Travel documents / Money

European bank card with code are generally accepted (Meastro) In most supermarkets you can get cash when you pay your bill
Creditcards are not everywhere accepted but is a good backup.


We didn't use any transportation, but you can take you bike on the train outside rush hours for 6 euro a day. Busses/trams don't take bikes.


We stayed only on campsites. See the ANWB for information, the sell campingbooks and maps.
In summer it is about 17 to 25 degrees in general. At nigh in summer it can be 10C on a bad day. Be prepaired for some rain because the Netherlands don't has a dry season

Road conditions

Very good, cycle paths are every where.
Helmets are not compulsory.


Food / Supplies

Supermarkets are very where in small towns of > 2000 people. Planning is not needed, but only for 1 days is enough. Shops are open from 9:00 to 18:00. On sunday shops are closed also on monday morning.