Practical Info Japan

Weather/When to go

The best time to visit South Japan is april/may. Temperatures vary between 5C and 28C. Expect cold weather in the mountains. Warm clotes are still recommanded, weather can always change (fleece + goretex jacket).

The following table shows the average starting and ending dates of the rainy season for selected regions of Japan, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency:

May 8
June 23
Southern Kyushu
May 29
July 13
June 4
July 17
Kinki (incl. Osaka, Kyoto)
June 6
July 19
Kanto (incl. Tokyo)
June 8
July 20
Northern Tohoku
June 12
July 27

Travel documents / Money

For Japan no visa is required for a 90 day stay. For details see: Visa information -> Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Japan is famous for its technology, but in somethings that it is not expressed. Paying by credit card for examle is only possible with japanese issued credit cards. ATMs are every where but only the postoffice ones are capable to do international transfers.


Aircraft: Amsterdam - Frankfurt - Osaka - Fukuoka
Carrier: Lufthansa
Regulations for bike: 20kg normal luggage + 60 euro for the bike per one way.
On Narita International Airport we couldn't buy a bicycle box. We got boxes in Narita City at a shop. The clark of the bicycle show was very helpfull with wrapping the box in sudge away that we could cycle with it.

Wild camping in Japan

Road conditions

Japan is a left driving country. The cars and trucks give much space for cyclists, so this makes it very plesant to cycle in the country of the rising sun. Most of the time dangerous situations occur in or near cities. Car the leave small road from the left first drive with there car on the sidewalk then the start to look for traffic. There are often sidewalks which are also suitable for the bike. Cycling in Kyoto, Tokyo is also not a problem. Only the road we took from Tokio to Narita airport was very dangerous (narrow and bussy).

Tunnel tips

To be visible and have good visibility your self in dark tunnels, lights are essential. Most resent tunnels have plesant sidewalks but older ones sometimes don't.
When you come into the tunnel with too narrow or no pedestrian walkways for your bicycle I recommend you to go on on the center of the roadway. The most dangerous case is letting the driver pass without enough space beside you. Therefore to keep your own safety, control the drivers' behaviors yourself. Most of Japanese drivers have enough patients to wait until you go out from the tunnel After al, rise your hand up to thank the driver for waiting.


Food / Supplies

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