Practical Info Florida (USA)

Travel documents / Money

Passport was enough for people from the Netherlands.
Good travel insurance, medical cost can be 3x as high as in europe
European bank card with code are generally accepted. In supermarkets you even can get cash when you pay your bill (so called "cash back").
Credit card and Traveler checks are a good backup.


Aircraft: Amsterdam - Orlando
Carrier: Martin Air
Regulations for bike: Two of pieces baggage of 32kg for free.
For bike the is a special rule, it counts as one piece and must be packed in a box (20 euro).
I took in total 36 kg with me. 15kg bike, 15 kg camping equipment, 6kg handluggage.
On the return trip, the airport people of martin air where not very friendly. They claimed that the bike was sporting equipment and that I had to pay $150. I refused that and told them about the rules which I had confirmed by the Martin Air booking office in the Netherlands. The said to me if you don't pay you bike stays in Orlando. I said I don't agree on that on the way to Orland I payed nothing so check the website your self. The martin air guy refuced that with the words "I work here for 20 year and I know the rules". The total story took 30 minutes after that the officer came to me and said you can take your bike with you to amsterdam for this time.
I got what I wanted but they where not playing by the rules. So be prepaired, they are not familar with bikes!
Normally the 2 piece concept is oke (I tried: KLM/NorthWest, United Airways)


I planned to stay at the campsite Orlando Turkey Lake road, but this one didn't exist anymore therefore I stayed in Days Inn Motel, cheap (<40euro/night) first and last night and clean.
Furter I camped in Cape Canaveral (jetty park: follow habour road to the end), Port Orange, Astor. In Ocala campings are all over the place (Juniper Spring, Clear water). Just north of Orland you can pitch your tent in Wikiwa Springs National Forest. See maps section more info on camping.
In december 2004 it was about 5C in the night so take you warm sleping bag with you!

Road conditions

Good asfalt some parts no shoulders at the hwy especial at roadworks near bridges (hell)
Ones the police pulled me over, I cycled on a road where cycling was not permitted between 15:00 and 18:00 (Near NASA visitor centre). The friendly cop gave me a hitch in his 4x4 and in the evening he brought me lots of information and "hothand" to stay warm (no trafic fine :-) ).


Food / Supplies

Wallmarkt can be found in big cities, Publix can be found also in smaller villages. Planning is needed, but only for 2 days (esp in between large cities)