Practical info Czech Republic

Tourist Info
The Czech Republic concentrates on the territory of 78,864 square km a great historical and cultural heritage as well as the abundance of beautiful sight of nature. The forneign visitor comes to an unusually rich and varied environment, full of changing scenery, many historical towns and cities, castles, chateaux and folk architecture. A lover of mountain hiking and rambling will enjoy endless forests of Sumava regions the Krkonse Mountains with the highest peak of Bohemia and Moravia (1622 m), the melancholy Jeseniky Mountains and the pleasant Beskydy Mountains. The southern Bohemia attracts your attention due to peaceful ponds lakes, while the vineyard regions in the Southern Moravia posses a unique, characteristic and never forgotten charm. The Czech land is interwoven with a number of rivers and reservoirs and valley dam lakes of vast recreation resorts.

The Czech Republic has a land climate. The winters are very cold and the summers are warm. The next table gives an idea of the temperature an rain during the summer months.

Avg. max. Temp [deg. C]20.922.721.820.7
Avg. rain [mm]54683531
Avg. Sun hours257250243190

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