Central part of the Czech Republic

The landscape of central Czech is a relatively flat (avg. 250 to 500m). From Mlada Boleslav to Nepmuk the country did not change dramticaly. Most of the time you see farmer lands with some small woods. Even during high season we saw almost no cyclists in this area. We can not recommand to use the campsite guid called: "CAMPING CZ" published by MARCOM Ltd, because the infomation is not accurate anough to find the campsite you want. The campside were we stayed in central Czech were fine. Most of the campsites have there own bar where they sale PIVO (beer) per half a liter glasses. But be aware these bars can close at 10 pm!
The next pictures are taken from left to right and give an impression of the country side near Nova Park. At the horizon of the first pictures you see the Krkose Mountains.

Attention: There are no pictures of Prague on this page. We always avoid big cities during our trips. Nature rules! And see Prague when you are 60...